Friday, 3 February 2012

AustroFeedr - Mapping Open Data with OpenLayers in Drupal 7

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hi everyone, i would like to share my research project austrofeedr where we use openlayers to visualize aggregated data on a openstreetmap with custom popups and some further customizations like rich popups. you can see it in action at there is an in-depth showcase description at and we also shared all features code including the custom behavior for the popups i just joined the location and mapping group but have been contributing some patches for openlayers and plan to work further on drupal mapping during my diploma thesis. especially i'm interested in porting generic openlayers functionality to the new mapping module, trialing the more light-weight leaflet module and playing around with custom maps using for example mapbox. if anyone is interested in such topics please let's start a conversation, i'm looking forward gathering some inputs for my diploma thesis! and don't miss First Drupal Book of 2012: Mapping with Drupal and the recent DrupalEasy Podcast 73: Lots of Options where Alan Palazzolo (zzolo) and Thomas Turnbull (tom_o_t) talk about their book. regards josef

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