What Others Say About Me

Josef was a pleasure to work with: focused on client’s goals and benefit, knowledgeable and creating solutions that perform and endure.

Susann Davis, Sonova


When I joined Amazee Labs, Josef was the CTO. I found Josef to be a clear and supportive leader, with a strong drive to build consensus through meaningful and thoughtful discussion. We worked closely together on several key accounts. Later on in the Amazee Labs journey, Josef was a primary architect on the Amazee Labs Upcycling strategy and theory. Now, as Head of Business Development for Amazee Labs, I still find Josef's presence and spirit in the processes and culture of the company. Josef is the sort of person that you can count on for direct, honest, and constructive feedback. I can honestly say that I am a better technologist, leader, and person for having had Josef as part of my professional journey! 

I have worked with Josef in various challenging agile projects. He stayed focused and he helped tremendously to keep the team spirit high and the client relationship trustful.

Josef is a tech-savvy and open-minded colleague with a quick comprehension and analytic mind. In consulting and technical sales support, he can rely on his broad experience and know-how in different frameworks and technologies, especially the CMS Drupal, as well as different workshop and moderation techniques.