Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Amazee Labs sessions track record for DrupalCon Dublin

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It’s a track record! For the upcoming DrupalCon in Dublin, 13 tracks will feature talks for an audience of thousands of people coming together for Drupal. We are proud to be represented in 6 of those tracks. Curious about the latest and greatest in decoupled web architectures and how they integrate with Drupal? No compromises – React, Relay and GraphQL on Drupal 8 by Sebastian Siemssen (fubhy)Campbell Vertesi and Moshe Weitzman in the Horizons track is mainly targeted at experienced developers. Sebastian, Campbell and Moshe share their experience with setting up a Drupal website architecture based on these latest technologies. It’s almost 10 years since Amazee has started reaching for the stars. Check out A tale about building businesses and sleeping on sofas by Dania Gerhardt in the Business track. As the CEO of our Cape Town office, founder & partner she is happy to share her very own startup and business story. Attend her session to find out about building five companies in nine years on three continents. The way we build sites and implement layouts has changed massively over time. Remember Contemplate, Context or the Panels modules? The session How to create content layouts in Drupal 8 by Josef Dabernig (dasjo) and Inky Talbot (Inky3d) in the Site Building track features the current best practices that Amazee Labs has developed during the last 3 years; since we started to work witn Drupal 8. Scaling high-performance websites around the globe is one challenge that our DevOps team enjoys tackling. To CDN and beyond! Speed up websites beyond the US and Europe by Bastian Widmer (dasrecht) in the Performance and Scaling track features a good mix of best practices and lessons learned on setting up CDN's with Drupal, hosting in mainland China and other fun optimizations that the team has done. Automation and watertight processes are really what you want when it comes to ensuring the security of your web applications. Drupal Security: There is a Mini-DrupalGeddon every week and how to survive it is a joint session by Michael Schmid (schnitzel) from the team and Manuel Pistner (manuelBS) from DropGuard in the Drupal Showcase track. Join these two experts in Drupal hosting and security automation to find out about the Drupal security patch release process and how we integrate it into our CI/CD workflows. What makes us effective, how do we accomplish tasks? My talk Let me help you help me - Selfish empowerment of others in the Being Human track is all about trial and error with leadership both in the Drupal community and at work. I’m looking forward sharing my experience with delegating tasks and supporting others on their career paths. Interested? We look forward to seeing you September 26-30 at DrupalCon Dublin. Find us there in one of our sessions or at our booth, but also remember - all sessions will be recorded and put up on the Drupal Association YoutTube channel.

The Amazee Labs sessions track record for DrupalCon Dublin
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