Thursday, 21 January 2021

Pimp my home office


To work comfortably from home, I invested into the following tools

  • SERIE[P] Standing desk from Kinnarps helps me switch between standing and sitting positions and is produced in a environmentally friendly way.
  • KingSmith WalkingPad R1 helps me move while working. Its not a replacement for real outdoor activities but as I am spending ~ 8 hours per working day in front of the computer having this opportunity for movement while working feel great.
  • Logitec Brio 4K helps me maintain an upright position while doing conference calls. The camera sits on top of my display and therefore allows for a natural positioning while interacting with others.
  • HÅG Capsico office chairs helps me switch between different positions. I also appreciate it is being built in a very environmentally friendly way. Thanks Liip for allowing me to borrow this chair from the office.
  • PATboard task cards stick to my window and allow me to visualize work in progress in a physical way.

What helps you work from home?