Friday, October 17, 2014

My #stopstart impressions at TEDxZurich 2014

Amazee Labs

Impressions from my first TEDx event: TEDxZurich is all about inspiring speakers share their visions. The conference theme #stopstart invites all of us participating to reflect on what we recently stopped doing in life and what we are about to do new. As I just recently moved from Vienna to Zurich and joined Amazee Labs, this is definitely a topic that I can relate to!

TEDxZurich starts with some rain showers at SRF studios in Oerlikon.

Attendees enter the audience entrance for 4 sessions of inspiring talks.

Pre-conference gathering at the coffee lounge.

Room fills up for the first session to start.

Dania, our head of operations moderates the event.

Omid Aschari on how to inspire leaders to grow.

Anya Cherneff on empowering women in the world through the @EmpowerGrid.

Mich Gerber with some funky double bass action.

First break.

Georg Polzer on designing the data economy. Also check out Data Dealer for a fun take on this serious topic.

Stefan Wess on machine ethics.

Looking forward to the rest of an inspring day at #TEDxZurich. You can find more photos on picasa & don't forget that the talks are live streamed on the event website