Thursday, December 12, 2013

DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 - It's a wrap that tastes like Schnitzel

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Last weekend, 300 people from 25 countries attended our community-organized web-conference DrupalCamp Vienna 2013. This event pretty much fulfilled our vision of creating a space for connect open minds from all over Europe to talk about Drupal 8 and related web technologies. To be honest, the outcome of the conference and your feedback SO FAR even surpassed our expectations in a positive way :) A big thank you goes out to the entire TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS and all of our great SPONSORS, most importantly to FH TECHNIKUM WIEN for providing us with their awesome venue!

We got the big picture ... and the videos!

The, as I call him "eye of DrupalCon" @SCHNITZEL took our group photo on Friday, right outside of the venue: If you want to get a feel of the conference, make sure to check out the #movemberwaltz #dcvie #epic #selfie by Hubert J. Weitzer from FEINKOSTMEDIA:

He also produced some awesome interviews, including Jeffrey "Jam" McGuire and many others as listed in this PLAYLIST.

Keynotes by Drupalist Jeffrey "Jam" McGuire and Ghost-founder John O'Nolan

Right when we started organizing DrupalCamp Vienna, we tried to provide it with a meaningful theme. So what we came up with was "Connecting Open Minds": with the many great changes that Drupal 8 will bring, we realize, that we need to GET OFF THE ISLAND and start talking to other communities within and outside of the PHP worlds. Fortunately, Jeffrey Jam McGuire accepted our invitation to speak and kicked-off the conference with his talk CONNECTING OPEN MINDS. Day two, John O'Nolan, the founder of the Ghost project brought-in his very different perspective on FOCUS: THE VALUE OF CHOOSING JUST ONE THING AT THE BAZAAR. Note, that RECORDINGS of the keynotes and about half of the sessions are available online. You can also use the SESSIONS FILTER to find those which have recordings and slides attached.

6 days of Connecting Open Minds and Drupal 8

In total, DrupalCamp Vienna was almost a one-week event: starting with trainings on Thursday, we had sessions, BoFs, a coder lounge and party on Friday and Saturday. Sprints started on Sunday and about 25 of you even continued for extended sprints on Monday and Tuesday. Some attendees connecting with other open minds at the aula: Pre-conference trainings on Thursday: Our official camp party V ARE DRUPAL: A video of the 3D scans produced by THIS.PLAY during the party: 3 days of sprinting on Drupal 8 core after the conference:

Powered by the community

That's the (now) proud team of organizers & volunteers some months before the conference when we did our promotion video: We were also glad to be supported by numerous international volunteers, such as Aaron Porter, who managed after-event activities a.k.a. #SCHNITZELCON.He was a great tour guide, even some of us Viennese could learn from his local experience :) Schnitzelcon? Yeah, that's right. DrupalCamp Vienna tasted a lot like a degustation party for our main dish. Check out Jam's creative take on it, the Schnitzlicon: Finally, let's mention that hundreds of tweets using our official hashtag #DCVIE have been posted during the event and you can also check out this MAP OF ATTENDEES for DrupalCamp Vienna 2013.

It's not over, yet!

We can't tell about future plans within DRUPAL AUSTRIA, yet. But let's make sure that we meet at one of the many upcoming Drupal events, such as: DRUPAL DEV DAYS SZEGED: DRUPALCON AMSTERDAM: Further links