Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Drupal Meetup February


hello everyone :) our next meetup should be wednesday, february 9th as we had the great drupal 7 release party this month, there was no regular drupal meetup in vienna. february 9th is a good date i think, because various people will be attending the Drupal Developer Days in Brussels from february, 4th to 6th with 65 sessions and more than 400 people registered! http://bxl2011.drupaldays.org/ i think it would be interesting to have some technical presentations. some of us are already experimenting with drupal 7, so maybe we can put some ~15 minute presentations about the insights that we already have? topic that would be of interest to me include state of cck to fields migration process - does and if so, how does it work? performance of drupal 7 - your knowledge from blogs and personal experiences so far? ... personally i could talk a bit about the features-driven development approach we take developing http://www.austrofeedr.at, also i recently gained some experience with simpletest and the openlayers module.

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