Monday, 5 January 2015

Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Zurich 2015

Amazee Labs
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On the weekend of January 17 + 18, 2015, dozens of Drupal contribution sprints will be taking place across the globe. Amazee Labs invites all of you interested in learning, hacking and improving Drupal to join us for two days of pure sprinting! Sign-up using the spreadsheet: Sprint topics What can I expect from sprinting with you?

  • Get up to speed with the Drupal 8 and dive into coding new patterns
  • See how far you can get with the much improved site building tools in Drupal 8
  • Submit your first Drupal patch as a contributor
  • Help out in a Drupal core initiative
  • Discuss hard problems face-to-face with other experienced Drupalistas
  • A sprint place with enough food and drinks to get things done
  • Be your own client and have fun :)

Who can contribute? Coders, designers, front-end developers, designers, project managers, user experience experts, clients, basically anyone who wants to improve Drupal, are welcome to the sprints. Regardless of your knowledge level, if you have built a site in Drupal, you can contribute and are warmly welcomed. What can I work on? We will split into groups and work on Drupal core issues. Bring your laptop. For new folks: you can get a head start also by making an account on, setting up your dev environment ( and developers can install git before coming and git clone Drupal 8 core. A great way to get started with contributing to Drupal core is to get involved with an initiative. We'll have local folks present with knowledge about Multilingual, Rules, CMI etc. Also check out the Drupal core initiatives and topics! The following sprint topics have been proposed already:

  • Work on Drupal 8 core bugs
  • Multilingual D8MI, TMGMT
  • #d8rules: porting actions, conditions to Drupal 8
  • Media
  • Bartik (remotely with Emma)
  • ...
Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Zurich 2015
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