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#d8rules update May 2014

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As you might know, we have started an initiative to collect funds for porting the Rules module to Drupal 8: #d8rules. We are in the middle of our crowd funding campaign on Drupalfund and development has already started. In this post, I'll share an update on the development status of Rules 8.x and talk about what's next for the #d8rules initiative.

Status update

At Drupal Dev Days Szeged fago, klausi, xano & me sat together to plan necessary steps for porting Rules to Drupal 8. The architectural decisions have been laid out by fago and we defined a Rules 8.x roadmap that splits up this major effort into 3 milestones. Alltogether the effort is calculated to take 1048 hours of development time to fix outstanding tasks for Drupal 8, port all the subsystems of the Rules core engine, the Rules APIs and the User Interface as well as the scheduling functionality. So far, 1/3 of our first milestone has been funded thanks to our great sponsors and individual supporters on Drupalfund.

Development progress

Rules 8.x is being developed on GitHub and of course everything is pushed to the Rules repository as well. Leveraging the GitHub pull request workflow allows us to collaborate more efficiently on coding and we are glad to get more people contributing.

d8rules training sprint at DrupalCamp Portoroz Our first training / code sprint at DrupalCamp Alpe-Adria in Portoroz was really successful with some contributors getting their first pull requests merged.

What's been implemented so far?

d8rules sprint with fago, klausi, fubhy at the drunomics office

A reusable Context API for Drupal 8

The current Context system in Drupal 8 core doesn't match the requirements of the Rules module. As discussed at Drupal Dev Days Szeged it would be great to fix it in core. fago, timplunket who works on Page manager for Drupal 8 and others involved will meet at DrupalCon Austin to discuss how to share efforts on what fago has already started to implement a context system for Rules 8.x. Also see the related issue.

What's next?

fago will be going to DrupalCon Austin. If you can, please come and join us for the BoF to find out more about the #d8rules initiative and help us promote the project. Your help would be essential gather enough momentum to fund the project and get Rules ready for other integration modules and site builders within 2014! Developers are welcome to sign up for the #d8rules sprint on Sunday before DrupalCon and Friday - Sunday directly after the conference.

#d8rules sponsor update

Views bulk operators

Batch processors

We already got some great companies supporting us, but there is definitely room for more :) Have a look at our supporters page to review our sponsor packages.

2 weeks to go for the Drupalfund

58+ people have already pledged for our #d8rules crowd funding on Drupalfund. We are at $ 5000 which is 1/3 of the total goal. Please consider donating if you can and help us get Rules 8.x ready by 2014.

d8rules on Drupalfund: Thank you everyone for supporting us either by contributing code, time or sponsoring our development time. Josef / dasjo on behalf of the #d8rules team

#d8rules update May 2014
#d8rules update May 2014
#d8rules update May 2014
#d8rules update May 2014
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