Thursday, 13 September 2018

Finding Drupal Talent - A Recruiter's Dilemma Panel

Drupal Europe 2018
DrupalRecruitingPanel discussion host

This panel discussion assembled various Agency experts from the Drupal community to talk and exchange about how to find Drupal talent.

Questions we are aiming to answer:

  • Why is it so hard to find to find experienced Drupal talent?
  • Which strategies do agencies apply to find talent?
  • What do employees expect agencies to provide them with?
  • What do we recommend job seekers in Drupal to do?
  • Do you prefer to augment staff externally, hire or grow talent in-house?

The panel participants are

  • Nick Veenhof (nick_vh)
  • ElaMeier (ela.m)
  • Suzanne Dergacheva (pixelite)
  • Andre Baumeier (Andre-B)
  • Steve Parks
  • Ashraf Abed (ashrafabed)