Thursday, January 1, 1970

Pizza Napoletana with Poolish

After some experiments, my pizza Napoletana is coming along in a way that I feel like I'm ready to share a recipe.

Baking pizza to me is probably less about the recipe but more about learning all the steps, lots of practice and finding your own way. So while the recipe might help you getting started, I would recommend learning all the pizza baking steps i.e. like I did by following tutorials on YouTube or even better in an actual Pizzaria.

Poolish starter

75g Water 75g Flour <1g Fresh Yeast

Mix Water with fresh yeast. Add flour until a sticky mass comes together. Now put the Poolish into an airtight container to rest for 12 hours.

Main dough

150g Poolish starter (from above) 600g Water (room temperature) 900g Flour 18g Salt

Absorb Poolish starter within the water. Add flour, salt and knead until everything sticks together. Put the doughball to rest for 10 minutes in a container.

Stretch and flap the dough to create additional strength. While doing so, try to maximize u de surface of the doughball