Josef Dabernig

Jo! my name is Josef Dabernig aka dasjo, a Zurich-based web thinker, grown up in Vienna and lived for a year in Central America.

I care about making a difference: innovative technologies, open standards & creative processes guide my way. I'm an active contributor to the Drupal community via code & communication. I studied Software Engineering & Internet Computing at Vienna University of Technology.

Contact details

dasjo, Josef Dabernig
Photo: netidee

Work experience


Amazee Labs, Deputy Head Technology

  • Leading Drupal development teams
  • Architecting & estimating projects
  • Ensuring techonology standards and best practices
  • Speaking at Drupal conferences

drunomics GmbH, Drupal development & account management

  • Project management & client communications
  • Drupal site building, front-end & backend development
  • #d8rules corporate & crowd funding campaign 2014
  • Speaking at Drupal conferences (Prague, Vienna, Szeged, Donetsk, Portoroz)
  • Full-day training conductor at DrupalCon Prague 2013 and DrupalCamp Vienna 2013

epiqo, Drupal development & community management

  • AustroFeedr research project: Drupal 7 site building & module development
  • Feature-driven development for the Recruiter Drupal 7 distribution & client-projects
  • Coordination of front-end development & community engagement
  • Omega 4.x & Cloudy: Management & development of the new Omega version with Sebastian Siemssen and the new Cloudy Recruiter Base Theme with Sass & Compass

Casa de los Tres Mundos, Nicaragua, Social Service Abroad

  • Relaunch of the institute website using Drupal 6
  • Free Drupal training workshop from April to June 
  • Technical back-office support
  • Projects in marketing and public relations
  • Coordination of cultural activities: exhibitions, competitions, concerts

Smart Information Systems, Java web development

  • Front-end development with JSP, CSS & JavaScript
  • Semantic-web based backend development
  • Java backend development: Hibernate
  • Web application with Apache Struts 2
  • OpenEvents research project: aggregate & present events open data with Java servlets and Exhibit

Other interests

I love travelling around the globe and practice photography on a regular basis. Besides playing the piano, I enjoy consuming and creating rap music. I like to cycle everywhere I can and am a fan of hiking, climbing, yoga & beachvolleyball.   

You can also download a copy of my Currículum Vitae,
or just sit back and watch this video from 2012:



HTL (Higher Technical Institute) Wien Donaustadt

  • Foundations in Visual Basic .NET, Assembler, C#
  • Database design, SQL
  • Side projects included small games & Winamp AVS visualizations
  • Diploma project for SIEMENS: ToAskManager with custom Workflows and Outlook Import